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When it comes to understanding the land records industry, nobody has more experience than Realty Data Company, LLC. With our cutting-edge title data technology, we are forging a path across the counties of the United States and not looking back. Driven by the ambition to see our customers grow their businesses, we have developed a product second to none in the land records industry, and as our clients have grown, so have we. Now in over 900 counties, we are moving in the direction that you want to go.

The key to our success is two-fold—top of the line data technology, paired with the flexibility to make it work for you. When you choose RDC as your partner, we will work with you through every step in the process, giving you the tools you need to grow your business.

RDC News

RealtyData Integrates With
Ramquest’s Closing Market
The Title Report

RealtyData Adds 300 Counties To
Title Plant
The Title Report

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RDC Coverage Map

RDC Coverage MapRDC is now in over 900 counties nationwide. Click on the map to see a list of Vesting and Property Reporting counties.

Press Releases

RealtyData Partners With
Baird & Warner Title Services

RealtyData Adds 300 Counties to Its
Searchable Online Vesting
Reporting Database

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The Revolution Begins!

The Revolution Begins! We’ve started a revolution in the title industry with the new and improved RDC.
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